Eye shadow creases even with primer, HELP!

After many years, I though I had come to the conclusion that pretty much no matter what I did, my eye shadows would shift around on my eyelid & settle into the crease. BUT then I hear about eyeshadow primers. A friend recommended I try urban decay. While it extended the amount of time by a few hours that shadows would stay put, it would still migrate into my crease!

Edit: Check out my update on eyeshadow primer! After sharing this post with friends, and the comments below (thank ya’ll!) I have some great tips to share! And finally, my success with preventing creasing!

Now, today. I attended a networking event after work, because I was running late this morning, I opted to bring my makeup with me & applied a purple Laura Mercier Creme Longwear Eyeliner first. I then applied over the liner & lid the Pixi Lid Last Shadow Pen in mocha mauve.

Four hours later, the pixi shadow is not where it should be, see picture!


1. Set shadows with a translucent powder, I don’t currently own one.
2. Use smashbox 24 hour photo finish shadow primer, I just bought this, have not tried it yet.
3. Use only high quality eyeshadows, I though Pixi would possibly be better than drugstore brands.
4. Use only non-shimmery eyeshadows, I have the smashbox sepia trio I need to try.
5. Inset your solution here, please HELP me by commenting what works for you!


8 thoughts on “Eye shadow creases even with primer, HELP!

  1. I swear by Nars Eyeshadow Base. It is pricey but not in vain! Well worth the money. I have oily, hooded lids and it keeps my eyeshadow where I place it. Primers like Too Faced or UD have never held up on me


  2. When you apply your eyeshadow primer never use your finger because that can introduce more oil to your lids. Use a brush to apply to clean, dry lids and allow it to set before you add your shadow. A little goes a long way and using too much can cause creasing as well. Invest in quality matte, eyeshadows (I love both of Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palettes), they will hold up a lot better to everyday wear. If you wear liner you could try waterproof gel liners. Gel is a waxy formula that works well for oily skin because it really sticks. I’ve actually got a post going up tomorrow all about gel liners and which ones are my favorite.


    1. Thanks Jade, I’ll try some of your tips. I already use waterproof or longwear eyeliner and mascara. My favorite gel liner was the Revlon colorstay gel eyeliner. I now use the Stila stay a day liquid liner because it is easier to apply than the gel.


  3. I’ve recently tried MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly (Soft Ochre is also a good ‘nude’ colour). You don’t have to apply a thick coating, but the formula is really opaque so it will also help to conceal any redness as well as even out the texture of your eyelids. For me, it seems to ‘fill in’ those fine lines so shadow doesn’t crease. As Jade has already said using a brush or a beauty blender helps avoid adding any unnecessary oil to your skin. Top it off with a bit of translucent powder and you’ll be ready to go! Hope this helps 🙂 x


    1. I always thought MAC was better suited for people of color, so I’ve never had any of their products. I’ll look into the MAC and NARS products if the smashbox primer doesn’t work! Thanks!


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