The Lipstick that Changed My Life.

Mirenesse Lipstick
I was able to get some great pictures of me with the lipstick at a friends wedding last summer.

When I first got Birchbox, I wasn’t anticipating getting products that would significantly change my beauty routine. I was fairly low maintenance, using only moisturizer everyday and mascara. Sometimes I’d wear a moisturizing sheer lips gloss. I’d never really worn lipstick and stuck to emphasizing my eyes. I’ve had a fantastic smoky eye down to a science since college.

The first lip color I received, way back in June of 2012, was theBalm Cosmetics: Stainiac. Completely the wrong color for my complexion. I also hated the formula. So when I received Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Quick Kiss (a daring orange) in my Birchbox in April 2013, I did not have high expectations for the lipstick. I tried it on and was SHOCKED by how bright it was, but liked that it was moisturizing and long wearing. A few weeks later, I tried it again and wasn’t quite as shocked so I wore it to dinner with some friends. EVERYONE complimented the color on me!  Looks like grandma, from whom I inherited my red hair, was right when she told me that I should wear coral lipsticks!

Since then, I’ve become more comfortable with lipstick and fully embrace wearing lip color pretty much on a daily basis. Sadly, it looks like Mirenesse no longer carries Quick Kiss, thankfully, I purchased a full size of Quick Kiss last year. They do have some other fantastic shades. I’m considering purchasing Flirty Kiss, a berry pink!

I’m looking to expand my collection, so what’s your go-to lipstick shade?


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