March Birchbox Review

I sampled some great products this month, even though my sample choice, the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray was a HUGE disappointment. A detailed review of each of the products I received is below. Check out how GORGEOUS the boxes are for this month!

Birchbox & samples
Some great items, look at the cute little dropper for the Paula’s Choice Oil!

Bombshell Blowout Spray – Amika
Summary: Lightweight spray performs a variety of functions, protecting nourishing, smoothing and volumizing hair. Use on wet or dry hair.
Review: I WANTED to love this spray, but my skin was not on board with my brain. Sadly, it irritated the back of my neck & scalp. Felt like I had a sunburn less then 6 hours after application and I hadn’t been in the sun! The redness on my skin lasted two days. I did like the smell and that the smell was not too pungent and fairly quickly. Since this was my sample choice, I am so disappointed by my reaction!

Protect & Oil – Beauty Protector
Summary: Lightweight hair oil suitable for all hair types, protects against UV rays and heat damage.
Review: I have oily skin. I do blow dry my hair often, but I have no need for hair oils as I also have fine hair that gets weighted down easily with products! Even though the description says it is lightweight, the sample did not include an easy way to apply. Would have been great in a dropper or mini spray bottle. The full size is in a spray bottle. I’ve already passed the sample along to a friend.

Signature – Harvey Prince
Summary: Notes of fresh citrus, pink grapefruit, Hawaiian jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, vanilla, and patchouli make this sweet, feminine scent one that you’ll be happy to wear day after day.
Review: So, I was dreading getting another fragrance sample. I know many people complain about them, but I never wear fragrance. NEVER. I actually do NOT hate this scent, which is a HUGE surprise! But, it bothered my nose a bit, so I gifted it to a friend who also LOVED the scent.

RESIST Moisture Renewal Oil Booster – Paula’s Choice
Summary: Supercharge your favorite serum or moisturizer or use it on its own, leaves event the dried skin hydrated, softened and replenished.
Review: This is the second Paula’s Choice skincare item I’ve received in my Birchbox. I used this once, not sure if it clogged my pores or if it was just that time of the month. I’ll keep this around because in the winter I sometimes need extra moisture for my skin. But in Texas, it is already March and in the 70’s so I have no use for it for the 6-8 months! It did mix great into my moisturizer and the sample came in this cute bottle with a dropper. There were sufficient instructions on the cardboard box too!

GLOW GETTER Highlighter – Jelly Pong Pong
Summary: In Ibiza (birchbox only has one color option). Weightless, oil-free, made with 80% water gel formula that won’t clog pores. Gives skin a subtle, luminous shimmer. BONUS: Hypoallergenic
Review: I was SUPER excited that I was getting this highlighter as it is suitable for acne-prone skin! My last one, purchased from Birchbox is out of stock :(. I was thinking it would be a bit dark for my skin #redheadprobs, but not so! The applicator is a bit weird, basically a nail polish bottle & brush, so I applied it directly to the back of my hand and used my fingers to pat & blend it onto my cheekbones, jawline and bridge of my nose.

Did you get any of these products this month? Love or hate them?


4 thoughts on “March Birchbox Review

  1. Allergic reactions are the WORST! That sucks so bad that the one product you were looking forward to trying ended up doing that. I picked that sample as well, and while I luckily didn’t have an adverse reaction, I didn’t really love it either. But, that’s how things roll with Birchbox sometimes. At least the Jelly Pong Pong highlighter ended up being an unexpected hit for you 🙂


    1. Yes, they do!! Thankfully, this wasn’t the worst reaction I’ve had from a Birchbox sample! I am very happy that I got a replacement highlighter!! 💁


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