BeneFAIL: Brand Refuses to list products as Hypoallergenic & Non Comedogenic 

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I was considering purchasing two products from Benefit, gimmeBrow and Puff Off. The brand has been sampled in many a birchbox and social media has been a flutter with the release of Roller Lash a few months ago. 

But after searching for the two key phrases in product information that are imperative for anyone with sensitive or acne prone skin, I am left deeply disappointed that a brand would make such a marketing faux pas. On the website, in the FAQs, I finally found my answer, pictured below.

No disrespect, but this is hogwash.

By refusing to make these claims, the brand excludes a subset of their potential market. I, for one, HAVE NO idea what ingredients wreak havoc on my skin. I do not have time nor the funds to research, document and test new products myself. I’d rather pay for a product that has done these things for me. Yes, I know that the FDA does not regulate the use of the term hypoallergenic and there are some issues with identification of non-comedogenic substances , but I would rather TRY a product that could have a lesser chance of irritating my skin. It all comes down to risk. As women are typically more risk adverse, Benefit has recalled dropped the ball!

Total BeneFAIL!! Benefit, you have lost a new customer. 


2 thoughts on “BeneFAIL: Brand Refuses to list products as Hypoallergenic & Non Comedogenic 

  1. This is so like Benefit. I find myself becoming unhappy with this brand more and more everyday. I loved them years ago but now, I can honestly do without their overstated claims about their products. (I’m speaking of They’re Real and Roller Lash…both were disappoinments to me.)

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  2. I was excited to try a new brand because of all the hype from the launch of Roller Lash, but I’m not even going to waste my money on any of their products now! I am glad I am not the only one who has an issue with them!


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