Sunless Tanner Recommendations

A second question I received from the launch of my Facebook page last week was recommendations of sunless tanners. You’d think that as a redhead with extremely fair skin that I’d be a wealth of knowledge. Totally not the case. I have only used a sunless tanner once, it streaked and I didn’t wash my hands, so they turned waayyy darker than the rest of my body. I also have this irrational fear that I’ll probably end up looking hideously orange, a la Lindsey Loahn.

So for this post, I reached out to a group that I knew would have some fantastic recommendations, Birchbloggers. If you’re asking yourself “What the hell is a Birchblogger?” You may want to see my previous post on Birchbox if you don’t know what that is already and then for all the deets on Birchbloggers read the Open Call to become a Birchblogger.

Recommendations from the Birchbloggers:

-St Tropez x3
-St Moritz
-Fake Bake
-Tan Physics
-Vita Liberata
-Cocoa Brown (review here)
-Tarte Barizilliance x2
From the comments, that went along with the product recommendations, it seems St. Tropez is a bit pricey, but one of the bloggers did mention that St. Mortiz is less expensive but almost equally as good. The Tan Physics is a natural product and recommened from someone who has tried most everything. Wherease Vita Liberata looks natural and dries quicker than anything else. Tarte Barizilliance is apparently hard to streak and also does not leave your skin sticky or dried out.

I’d love to hear any more suggestions too!



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