My Absolute Favorite SIMPLE Breakfast Tacos, for Dinner

Some nights, I do not have the energy, nor the mental capacity to prepare dinner. On the nights when I also happen to not have any leftovers, these simple breakfast tacos keep me from breaking my budget and splurging on takeout! With four basic ingredients, these are a cinch to make, have easy cleanup and I almost always have everything on hand!

SALSA disclaimer. Being a Texan, salsa is a necessity. Many people have various opinions on the spice level, size of the chunks, tomato flavor, etc. I could go on for AGES about different salsas. My all time personal favorites are the On The Border Hot Salsa and for one with less chunks and a touch milder, I adore El Fenix’s Salsa.  However, this salsa may be hard to find outside of Texas. Unless you’d like to pay a bit more than normal and for shipping. via amazon! Plus, the Martinez Family who owned the El Fenix Restaurants in Dallas since 1918 sold the chain a few years ago, so I am unsure if the new owners have changed the recipe as I have not purchased the salsa in several months.

Simple Breakfast Tacos, for Dinner (or a Lazy Breakfast too!)
Serves: 1

2 tablespoons olive oil
3 eggs
3 corn tortillas
6 tablespoons salsa
salt & pepper to taste

Heat skillet on medium-high heat with oil. Crack eggs into a small bowl & add 2-3 tablespoons water. Using a fork, mix well to break up yolks and combine with the water. (Alternatively, you could crack the eggs directly into the skillet and add the water, I use either method, depending on how many clean dishes I have and since you’re scrambling the eggs anyways, you could skip the bowl.) Pour egg mixture into heated skillet. Stir as needed to prevent burning until eggs are no longer runny, this should only take a few minutes. To prevent rubbery eggs, remove pan from heat before they are fully cooked. They will continue cooking in the pan! While the eggs are cooking, place tortillas between two paper towels and microwave for 15 seconds. The paper towles ensure the tortillas won’t get dry and brittle from the microwave. If using frozen tortillas (see note below) 30-45 seconds should be enough time to defrost & heat! Toss the paper towels and spoon equal amount of egg over the tortillas. Salt & pepper the eggs to taste. Spoon equal amounts of salsa over the eggs. Enjoy!

Simple Breakfast Tacos on Corn Tortillas.
Simple Breakfast Tacos on Corn Tortillas with salsa!

Chorizo, cheese, onions, sour cream, cilantro or avocado all make great additions!

Note: corn tortillas typically come in a package of 60. I can never finish all of them myself, so I’ll split them into four ziplock quart size bags, freeze three of them and put the other in the fridge for use in the next week or so. When I need to use some of the frozen tortillas, if they aren’t breaking a part easily, I’ll take a butter knife and use it to pry them apart!



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