Eyes, Wrinkles & Dark Circles, OH MY!

I already mentioned my love of the scientific method once before, so I hope I didn’t scare you away with that post… because I did another experiment using L’Oreal Revitalift Complete Eye Cream only under ONE of my eyes for a month and took pictures to document the transformation! While not very drastic, there was significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, which were hard to photograph.

You may be asking yourself, why Revitalift? Well, since I was previously a non-eye cream wearing 20-something, I asked my best gay friend from high school what he used. He has similar skin to mine, oily & acne prone, and has tried a bunch of different products. Since he’s in residency, I knew he’d be using something that was reasonably priced due to his mountain of student load debt!

I applied the eye cream once a day under my right eye (left one in the pictures) and where I have slight crow’s feet when I smile! The most dramatic change I noticed when not smiling, see below.

Eyes over 3 weeks with wrinkle cream
Eye cream applied to only one eye for a month, pictured on the left. You can see that the wrinkle disappear under the eye!

Sadly, there was only slight improvement to my crow’s feet when smiling. I actually think that the eye cream, which plumps the skin made it worse! See the pictures, below.

Crow's Feet & eye wrinkles change over a month of using L'Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream
Crow’s Feet & eye wrinkles change over a month of using L’Oreal Revitalift Eye Cream. The bottom picture has a more plumped looking crow’s feet, but with less pronounced winkles under the eye!

I would like to note that the second pictures, about two weeks into the experiment were taken when my allergies were flaring, so my eyes were a bit more swollen & puffy than normal. BUT, it does look like the cream did help with that!


5 thoughts on “Eyes, Wrinkles & Dark Circles, OH MY!

  1. I have been using this same cream for several years now… off and on for five, consistently for 3 or 4. (There was a period where I would alternate between it and a Neutrogena product, which I ultimately decided did nothing except reflect more light.) Anyway, I think I agree with your conclusions overall. I should probably stop applying it to my crows feet… or else stop smiling! They have gotten worse since I started using it. No control for whether that’s the cream or age though.


    1. What a coincidence that you use it too! I have been thinking about using a deep wrinkle cream, possibly Roc with retinol, on my crow’s feet to see if it makes any difference. Would you be interested in seeing an experiment??


  2. Sure! Maybe you could do a price vs effectiveness graph with enough products! Not sure how to quantify effectiveness; you probably can’t measure the depth of the crows feet! I guess I’d opt for a 1 to 10 rating of your subjective opinion.


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