Carefree liners #FreshisFierce

I never considered wearing panty liners when not on my period, but it does have benefits! I don’t think I’ve ever used any carefree products before, so this was my first exposure to the brand.

Summary: Some of the best accessories are the ones only you can see. That’s why Carefree liners aren’t just a period thing. They’re a feel-fresh-and-ready-for-anything thing! Put it on, then take it off a few hours later and voila! Clean undies any time, anywhere. Period not required.

Review: I liked these liners, they are thicker than the brand I normally buy, stay in place and have better wicking! I also think the outer packaging is easier to get off. I may be switching to these once I run out!


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but opinions above, are my own! Want to know more about Influenster? See my program overview post here. 

Have you tried these liners? Would you use them everyday?


2 thoughts on “Carefree liners #FreshisFierce

  1. But… the smell down there is so much worse when everything can’t breathe and moisture is trapped. If I was worried about clean undies for a visitor, I think I’d just change them? If I wore a panty liner all day, I feel like I’d need a shower before a visitor.


    1. These actually didn’t seem to stay damp like the others I’ve tried before. They have an outer layer with a plastic-like barrier. I thinks it’s similar to a one-way osmosis membrane, that way once it’s passed through, it cannot escape! And I say plastic like because it wasn’t actually plastic, but a cross between plastic & cloth/cotton.


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