June Want List

I have five weddings to attend to in the next five months, so I’m on a fairly tight budget for the foreseeable future. To offset the travel & bridesmaid expenses, I am limiting spending on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.
I’m making this blog post for me to remember what I want to buy. It also happens to be my birthday month, so maybe someone will see this post?  Another motivation for this post is to keep myself on track with spending. If I can keep spending below my budget for June I may buy myself one (or two) of these! Happy Birthday to me!

June Want List:

1. Kindle Books – I’ve got around 20 books on my wishlist currently. I hate the waiting to buy any new ones! In the mean time, I am re-reading all of my kindle books for the next few months.

2. DIY Projects for Home Office – I spent hours this weekend pouring over DIY office decoration & organization projects. My favorites:

Three DIY Office Organzation Projects
June 2015 Want List – DIY Office Organization Projects!

3. SugarBash Subscription – I love the variety of items in this subscription box, which would be essential for me as I only currently subscribe to Birchbox. I was an ipsy & Birchbox subscriber (way back in 2012) and ended up cancelling both because I wasn’t able to use the samples as I was receiving them! This review details the items in March SugarBash box & is a large part of the reason why I have it on my want list.  Sadly, it is sold out. But, I am on the waiting list! Also, have you heard of www.cratejoy.com? I read about it somewhere, but am curious to learn more!

4. Neutrogena Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer, Sunkissed 30, 0.2 Ounce  *Affiliate Link* – This is the only bronzer I have ever owned. It broke it last year & since then I have just been going bronze-less!

5. New Purse – Hayden-Harnett Margaux Tote, Lawn Green/Black Watersnake This one is a bit of a splurge, but I have been thinking about buying a quality purse for several years. Probably should not invest in this one, as it could go out of style fairly quickly!

Hayden-Harnett - Margaux Tote, Lawn Green/Black Watersnake
Hayden-Harnett – Margaux Tote, Lawn Green/Black Watersnake
Are any of these on your wish list too? If not, what are you lusting over this month?
I do not own any of the photos used in this post.

9 thoughts on “June Want List

  1. The DIY office organisation projects sound fun, I really like the look of the little gold animals though I think if I started that I’d have too many of them standing around with nothing to clip in them! There are so many subscription services out there I haven’t actually signed up for any as I see one and it looks good but the next month another one has a good box and I can’t decide. Also the build up of samples would annoy me, I’ve bought two of the latest in beauty one off boxes and I still have samples from them and that was months ago.

    I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award, you can read more on my post https://thoughtfulpigeon.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/the-infinity-dreams-award/

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    1. Haha, yea… But dinosaurs!!! I’m thinking of making them for Christmas presents this year… I know… I plan wayyyy to far in advance lol! I get you hesitation with the sample build up! I had to take a break from Birchbox last year because I had so many that I had yet to try. I’m almost at that point now too, but am looking forward to some of the new give always that they are doing! I really enjoy Birchbox because of the quality of products, various brands & the POINTS!! I think it would be fun to get a non-beauty item specific box too though! Thanks for the nomination!! You’re the first to nominate me for anything! 😀


  2. 5 Weddings in 5 months! Gosh, you’re like, the fifth person I know who has that many weddings to go to this year! It’s the year of weddings I guess, C’mon Jennifer, jump on board. Everybody’s doing it! (I keed I keed)

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    1. Yes, I know a lot of weddings. I am just glad that only one of them is out of state! :O Maybe one day it’ll be me, but I’ll need to date someone first, lol!


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